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Astrology Remedies

Astrology Remedies

According to destiny theory, karmas (actions) in our past births influence our destiny in this life. Our bad actions bring unhealthy fate within the form of illhealth or business losses. we can take the assistance of Indian sacred text astrology remedies and pariharas to escape from past destiny. let us have information on astrology remedies like mantras, tantras, yantras, donations, flavoring treatment remedies, gems, colors, magneto therapy and name amendment remedy.

People suffer from several things: some people suffer from illhealth, some people suffer from poorness, some people suffer from personal problems and some people suffer from skilled problems. we cannot notice a person on this earth while not suffering in one type or the opposite. If we go into retrospection and pay it slow, we can able to} understand that we never committed any mistakes however still we are place to suffering. Why? To answer this question, we should return to our previous lives. we did tons of actions (karmas) in our previous births whose fruits ar now enjoyed by us. The rule is simple: if we did wrong deeds, then we might get bitter fruits. Similarly, if we did right things, then we are need to get sweet fruits. this is often the destiny theory in its simplest kind.

For example, a person who sells pretend medicines and earns plenty of money in his previous birth will certainly suffer from chronic diseases during this life and spends a lot of money on the diseases. a person who gets into quarrels with others and hurts others within the previous life can face transport accidents and prone to lose limbs in this birth. a person who earns plenty of money however doesn't present it to others can take birth in poverty.

Remedies - Will they work?

Then, however will we shake our past karmas? One answer is: let us expertise the fruits of our past karmas and let us not do any further karma. when we don't generate any new actions, and go on experiencing the old karmas, then one day our karmas completely exhaust. Then the cover of destiny that to this point wrapped our soul are removed and our soul shines crystal clear. this is often the stage after we notice our real inner soul that is nothing however the supreme soul. This method is extremely difficult for us as a result of we tend to rarely live without doing karmas. but this is typically adopted by the saints who renounce the planet.

The second solution is neutralizing the effects of karma by doing destiny again. for example, a person who is stricken by a illness will get rid of off the illness by realizing that he sold fake medicines in his past life and dedicating himself to serve the patients full of diseases. Serving the patients may be in any way. He ought to sympathize with them whole-heartedly and render some facilitate for them like distributing the medicines with his cash. this will alter him to come out of his illness. this is often the ‘remedy’ for hardening the disease of a person. Please remember that the remedies can work provided that we tend to notice that our gift issues ar because of our past actions.

Where astrology stands in this? The duty of planets in astrology is to hold the fruits of our past actions to us. therefore planets don't cause any bad or smart events. They simply act as mirrors in reflective our own deeds. The horoscope of a person tells clearly that planets ar reflecting health problem, skilled problem or personal drawback. So, associate astrologer will verify the world and inflict the suitable remedy to pacify that planet. Here, we don't seem to be truly calming the planets. we tend to are attempting to neutralize the results of our past bad deeds that we tend to ar planning to get via that planet.

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